people of fremantle
Show us your best image of people being themselves in Fremantle. Consider individuals or a group at a festival, enjoying a meal, at the beach, riding a bike or even walking home from work. Try to capture a distinctive Fremantle experience, atmosphere or mood!
essence of fremantle
From the famous to the infamous, Fremantle is rich in culture - show us what you think really captures Fremantle as a place renowned for its idyllic lifestyle, touristic charms and iconic streetscape.
Fremantle is a port city and the maritime culture is strong. From the river to the sea, there are endless visuals to explore in the maritime industry, from commercial port operations to recreational sailing and everything in between.
Adrian Andonovski
tell a story in 5 images
Using Fremantle as your backdrop, tell your own unique story within five frames. Your five frames will need to have a common theme and can be a snapshot of an activity or your take on the parts of the city that really characterise Fremantle.
Adrian Andonovski
Black & white
Also known as monochrome photography, B&W allows 
the artist to remove the noise that colour creates and expresses imagery as timeless. Capture a scene from around Fremantle that really captures Fremantle 
and its timelessness.
Amateur Photographic Competition Fremantle
Amateur Photographic Competition Fremantle
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