Peter Zuvela
peter zuvela
jarrad seng
david baylis
Born in East Fremantle, Australia, Peter graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Photography from Perth TAFE in 1998. Since graduation he has held two solo shows, exhibited in a large number of group shows and worked as a freelance photographer/artist and teacher from the J Shed Art Studio on Bathers Beach in Fremantle WA.
Jarrad Seng is a portrait and travel photographer based in Perth. His creative journey has seen him on tour with international musicians, on assignment in the Middle East, hanging out of plane windows over the volcanic rivers of Iceland and getting intimate with the Maasai tribes of Tanzania. Jarrad’s unique approach to creativity has helped him cultivate a worldwide following over the past six years.
David started with the Community Newspaper Group in 1986 as a cadet photographer. The start of his cadetship involved darkroom duties and a bit of photography work, as well as helping and observing other photographers. After a short period of time David was provided with a camera and set free to take news photos for Community Newspaper Group publications.
Amateur Photographic Competition Fremantle
Amateur Photographic Competition Fremantle
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